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Without Tears: NOISE in Theory & Practice LP
Throne Heap is very proud to release the latest album by Allegory Chapel Ltd. "WITHOUT TEARS: NOISE in Theory & Practice", the first full-length LP for the long-running solo project of Elden M.

On "WITHOUT TEARS: NOISE..." Elden continues to deliver ACL's distinctive and signature approach of combining and arranging eclectic sounds, noise frequencies, and electronic music into carefully assembled compositions. A variety of sources were employed for the creation of this album including: manipulated cassettes, a scratched record, distorted feedback originating from amplified junk metal, vocals, pedal / rack effects, synths, drum patterns, and excerpts from a recent live ACL performance.

"I consider 'Without Tears: Noise...' to be a personal tour de force representing the best ACL work to date.   Overall, it is a statement against the blandness and mediocrity produced and consumed as staples by prevailing status quo tastemakers.  This [album] aims to approach the pinnacle of nonconformity and iconoclasm, the vanguard shift towards an attitude that the 'outsider' is the standard ideal becomes my declaration for a new elite dissatisfied with the dross, the fatally dull and comfortably numb.  Endeavor to maintain your edge; always remain dangerous.  Forward!" --(Elden M.)

Limited to 400 copies with "top-loader" style jacket and double sided insert. Recorded in Los Angeles, California Summer 2016.


Allegory Chapel Ltd. Without Tears

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